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Meet Jarasu’s first item ‘Koko’

The pure, refined pair of trousers
Koko are a pair of trousers, inspired by martial arts. The model is simple but refined. The material is strong and pure – 100% heavy cotton.
For every occasion
Koko can be worn (and washed) in everyday life and gives you a feeling of comfort and freedom in movement. Koko can also be worn very elegantly because of the high waist and belt. It can even easily be combined with your best heels!
The colored belt
The belt is carefully chosen in color, to spice up your life and give you that kick-ass feeling and attitude!

Sizes – Available sizes are:

XS (32/34)
S (34/36)
M (38/40)
L (42/44)

Colors – Available color combinations*:

Pink* trousers  /  Dark blue belt
White trousers  /  Black belt
Black trousers  /  Pink* belt
Off white trousers  /  Black belt
Yellow trousers  /  Cobalt blue belt
Moss green trousers  /  Dark purple belt
Dark purple trousers  /  Moss green belt
Frog green trousers  /  Red belt
Light grey trousers  /  Pink* belt
Light grey trousers  /  Dark purple belt

*this color is available in limited amount