Koko – The rough draft

Koko the cat

Koko – The rough draft

The rough draft of Koko was made around 1985, when Deborah Chayes was 19 years old. She had shortly made acquaintance with martial arts, where she took home the trousers she was becoming crazy about.
They inspired her to make it into her own design and she drew a pattern out of newspapers. Already being the self-willed perfectionist she is, she looked at the result of her efforts and put it on a shelf, not being satisfied. At that time already wanting to keep the idea alive.

Years later – in 2018 – Deborah came up with the idea of looking up this rough draft. Seeing it, once she found it, she suddenly felt it was time to do something with it! As it seamed to be terrific, still, simple as it was.

She decided to call in the help of a professional seamstress to help her develop a good pair of trousers out of this rough draft…

In 2018 Koko was ready to meet the world!