Jarasu is officially out of business…

Jarasu – meaning playfull cat in Japanese – was launched in 2018 as an Amsterdam based exclusive and original clothing-design brand.
Working with local textile traders and sewing services, Jarasu is a proud Dutch brand.
Jarasu is self-willed and plays with what she finds on her way to wherever she is going.
She is free of all fashion rules and strives after introducing 3 designs a year, joining the world-wide movement towards a less wastefull world. She is all for cherishing favorite things.
Jarasu is inspired by her own favorite items, and embetters them in design. The items are favorite because of their comfort, elegance or sturdyness.
She will be ignoring seasons but noticing trends. The choice of colors by Jarasu are a proof of her playfulness and taste and a sign of her kick-ass mentality.
– Be inspired and inspire